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Businesses that accept the Card get Better Returns

Better Customers
70% of Fortune 1000 companies use American Express Corporate Services 2
Cardmembers enrolled in the Membership Rewards® spend on average more than twice as much on the Card than non-enrollees3
Cardmembers who like to use the Card: 52% of Cardmembers used the Card when buying expensive merchandise.1
35% of Cardmembers would return to an establishment that accepts American Express to make another purchase.1

Better Customer Services
62% of Cardmembers would have a more positive overall opinion of an establishment that accepts American Express4
46% of Cardmembers believe that establishments accepting American Express place more value on customer service.4
32% of Cardmembers would switch from an establishment that does not accept the Card to a similar establishment that does.4

Better Business Solutions
When you welcome the American Express Card, you welcome a world-class organization with a proven reputation for service-solution expertise. American Express helps support and improve your business through:
Targeted programs to help access better customers
Convenient processing services and ongoing initiatives that help protect you against fraud, safeguard against charge-backs and effectively manage Merchant and customer inquiries
Innovative services and products that anticipate your needs, as well as those of your customers
Recognition as a Merchant partner with a commitment to quality and service.

1. The Nilson Report, July 2000, Issue 719, page 9.
2. UBS Warburg 2000 report.
3. American Express Membership Rewards Penetration Report, Jun 2000.
4. Card Usage & Attitude Study Q2 2000. Conducted by Research International on behalf of American Express. A representative sample of 150 Cardmembers holding American Express Charge and Credit Cards were interviewed.

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