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Sunmiles Classic
Sunmiles Gold
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A World of exclusive privileges

Your SunMiles Gold American Express® Card offers you a world of exclusive privileges:

Plus... all the features you would have enjoyed if you had chosen any other card

  • Speed and flexibility in your bank transactions
  • Option to pay by Direct Debit
  • Services and Support from the network of Branches and ATMs of the Bank of Cyprus in Cyprus
  • Card Account information through 1bank service, 24hours a day
  • Travel Insurance for you and your loved ones each time you pay for your ticket(s) with your American Express Card
  • A period of up to 40 interest free days if you pay the total amount of your Card’s Account

American Express Card Member Service Line

For you, our Members, we provide high level customer service through our toll-free Member 8000 AMEX (2639) or, if you are calling from abroad, call +357 22 847766.

24hour Travel and Medical Assistance

American Express is by you 24 hours a day to help you in case of medical emergencies, or any other difficult moment when you are travelling abroad.

International Service Network

An extensive Network of more than 1,700 American Express® Travel Service Offices in over 130 countries worldwide providing high quality services and access to the worldwide network of Express Cash Centres and the over 500,000 American Express ATMs worldwide.

Choice of Installment

You may choose the amount of the installment to pay, according to your needs, beginning from 5% of your outstanding balance.

Monthly Installment Deferral Option

You have the option to defer your monthly installment, for 1 or 2 months annually, with a simple call to the American Express Card Members Service Line.

Member Since

The American Express Card is not just another card. It recognizes and appreciates its Members and its long-standing relation with them. The date on which you begin your association with American Express is annotated in a special place on your Card. If you are already a Member of American Express you can obtain a Card in Cyprus with “Member since” the date on which your relation with American Express began in any other country.

The SunMiles American Express Scheme

The card that helps you travel – with every euro you spend – and offer you unique privileges!

Our Sunmiles American Express Gold card is ideal for those who travel frequently – and especially with Cyprus Airways. Our card comes with attractive benefits and responds to the needs of an ever-changing world offering generously unique privileges:

  • International American Express Credit Card
  • Offered with a VISA Credit Card on one Bank of Cyprus account
  • Automatically makes you a member (if you are not) of the Cyprus Airways SunMiles Frequent Flyer Program
  • Earn 0.75 SunMiles points for every €1 spent on all purchases with the SunMiles American Express Gold Card*
  • Earn additional 6 SunMiles points for every €1 spent on Cyprus Airways tickets
  • Your Sunmiles points as long as you remain a SunMiles American Express cardholder can be redeemed within 4 years
  • Automatically become a member (if you are not already) of the Cyprus Airways Sunmiles Frequent Flyer Program. Your frequent flyer number is printed on the lower right back side of your SunMiles American Express card
  • Free travel Insurance
  • Participation in the American Express Selects scheme
  • We remind you that for your convenience you must provide the Sunmiles frequent flyer number for the travelling passenger to your travel agent when making reservations. Once the ticket has been issued, ensure that your Sunmiles American Express card number is printed in ticket's "Payment Box".

    Terms & conditions

    These are the exemptions from the Sunmiles American Express Scheme for the following transactions:

    For government payments:

    Transactions made for the payment of taxes and fees to governmental departments (including post office fees) and payment of utility company bills, the maximum amount of Sunmiles points per transaction is 9,000.

    *Does not include airport taxes, service fee and other charges. Also excluded are the following transactions: (a) withdrawal of cash in Cyprus or abroad, (b) deposit of cash or cheques, (c) standing payment orders, (d) reversal of charge or credit, (e) bank charges, for ex. annual card membership, PIN reprint, interest rate charge etc,(f) any other credits or money returns

    Save every time you use your credit cards!

    Get the “Yellow” scheme for your credit card today, free of charge, just by signing the application form! With this scheme, the amount of all card transactions will be rounded up to the nearest € 1, € 5 or € 10 and the difference will be automatically placed in a savings account where it will accumulate interest. For further information call 800 00 800 or drop in at any of the Bank of Cyprus branches.


    What is SELECTS?

    SELECTS is a reward scheme, for our exclusive American Express cardholders.
    SELECTS provides all year round privileged prices on different categories of products and services, in Cyprus and abroad.

    What categories does it include?

    More that 300 merchandisers participate in SELECTS reward scheme and at this early stage, it consists of 3 basic categories:

    • Recreation and Travel: Travel agencies and hotels in Cyprus and abroad.
    • Shops: Clothes’ shops, shoe shops and optical shops in Cyprus and abroad.
    • Restaurants: Selected restaurants in Cyprus and abroad.
    In order to be constantly rewarded, SELECTS will be frequently updated.
    We will be informing you each time such updates occur.

    How do I make use of SELECTS? (Or, How do I benefit from SELECTS?)

    All you have to do in order to “do more” with your American Express card and SELECTS reward scheme, is a phone call to 8000AMEX(80002639) before going out shopping, before dining out, before arranging your holiday.

    You call 8000AMEX (80002639) and you ask which hotels/shops/ restaurants participate in SELECTS according to your plans each time.
    American Express experts or people will give you your requested options, so that you can choose the best and enjoy privileged prices.

    SELECTS: The American Express way to enjoy the finest with special privileges!

    info offers

    What is info offers?

    The new card Scheme “info offers”, gives bank of Cyprus cardholders exclusive discounts and special offers on products and services, every month.



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